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Office jobs - Functions

Mrs Cameron is telling Jackie her terms and conditions of employment. Study them carefully and then answer the questions opposite. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

"Hello Ms Wallace."

"Now as you know, this job pays £11 500 per year before tax and social security deductions. We also have an opt-in staff pension scheme which you might like to join. Because we have a strict dress code in the office, you will also get a clothing allowance. Because there is not much car parking, we also give you a small travel allowance which will allow you to take the bus to work, and sometimes a taxi in an emergency. At the end of the year you might get a small bonus which is calculated from the size of the company dividend."

"You are expected to work 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday, though we will sometimes ask you to work unsociable hours if this is necessary. If it is, you will have time off to compensate rather than extra pay. You must be at work by 9.00 am, or if you are going to be late, please inform Mick or Cathy first. You have 45 minutes for lunch, which you can get at the staff canteen with luncheon vouchers. You will usually finish work at around 5.30 pm. Mrs Warburton insists that all members of staff receive on-the-job training, so you will have one afternoon a week training in IT."

"You get all the usual public holidays and another five weeks holiday per year. You must take at least seven days of those holidays over Christmas, and at least a fortnight in the June or July. All sick leave after the first day must have a doctor's note."

"There are redundancy policies, but job security at this company is good. However, you must understand that inappropriate behaviour - rudeness or violence, persistent lateness, theft, or sexual or racial harassment will lead to your immediate dismissal."

"I think that is everything. Now, we have some papers for you to sign…"


1. Jackie's salary of £11 500...
a. does not include her pension.   
b. has additions and deductions.   
c. includes the cost of lunch.   
d. has deductions for training.   

2. Jackie's travel allowance ...
a. pays for her car parking.   
b. is for emergencies.   
c. is for use on public transport.   
d. is for a small car.   

3. At the end of the year, Jackie ...
a. might get extra money.   
b. calculates her dividend.   
c. calculates her dividend.   
d. receives a bonus.   

4. If Jackie has to work late, she will ...
a. get extra money.   
b. get more time off.   
c. become unsociable.   
d. not be paid for her time.   

5. Jackie's 40 - hour week includes ...
a. training.   
b. lunch breaks.   
c. weekends.   
d. compensation time off.   

6. With her holidays, Jackie can choose when to take ...
a. one week off.   
b. two weeks off.   
c. three weeks off.   
d. four weeks off.   

7. Jackie will lose her job if she ...
a. is ever late.   
b. is harassed.   
c. has sex.   
d. insults people.   

8. If Jackie is sick she must ...
a. prove it after the first day.   
b. write a note to the doctor.   
c. call a doctor within hours.   
d. compensate from her holidays.