Business Studies Course - The Office
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Office jobs - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. In business a PA is a -
private announcement public account proof auditor personal assistant right wrong
2. If you are asked to show ID, you show -
an identity card ideas interest and duty inner depth right wrong
3. The IT department deals with -
information technology interest and taxes items required internal telephones right wrong
4. The record of how much money a business gets and spends is its -
statement accounts declarations tax form right wrong
5. The person who is a source of information for a particular subject is a -
pointer contact tap mole right wrong
6. Putting office papers away so they can be found again easily is called doing the -
paperwork tidying up filing recording right wrong
7. Paper, pens, notepads, and photocopy paper are all -
trainery mobility notary stationery right wrong
8. Government insurance for pensions and health is called -
secure society socially secure security social social security right wrong
9. Something that you agree to do or join is -
a closed shop an inventory an opt-in the optimal right wrong
10. The rules about how you dress at work are the -
dressing down conduct terms dress code clothes horses right wrong
11. Money you are given regularly to do something is an -
investment allowance earning income right wrong
12. If you work evenings or weekends you work -
overtime long hours reverse time unsociable hours right wrong
13. If you always deliberately make someone upset and uncomfortable, this is -
taunting harassment insulting embezzlement right wrong
14. A paper that means you can have a product or a service is a -
voucher carte blanche permission note promissory note right wrong
15. Another word for 'firing' (telling someone they must leave their job) is -
hiring dismissal vacating promotion right wrong