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Office jobs - Reading

Mr McAndrew is telling Jackie about the job, read what he says, and then try to match the pictures opposite with something that is being described in each paragraph. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Hello Jackie, and welcome to Cotto Bros.

I want to tell you something about the job, and when I have finished, you can tell us if you are interested in taking it. You'll be working a lot with Mick and Cathy. Mick is Mrs Halbarton's PA, and Cathy is Mr Munroe's secretary.

A.   The first thing you will need to do is to help Stephanie at the reception in the morning. There's always a lot of visitors and reps who come to us first thing in the morning, and you have to check if the person they have come to see is in. Also some of the regular staff will have forgotten their ID cards, and you have to give them temporary ones. James from security will be there too, but you will all be very busy.

B.   Then you can come up to our offices and have some coffee. In fact, at that time we will all be ready for some, so you can pass it around. Mick will tell you how everyone likes their coffee. If someone comes to our office during the day, we might ask you to make them something to drink, and if the person they want to see is not in, you should show them to the waiting area, and make sure they are comfortable.

C.   If Mick is busy, you might help taking calls or messages on the phone, Talking of that - you are also the contact point for the IT department, so if anyone has a problem with their computers, or the IT people need to get in touch with us, you are the one they will go through, so there is always one person in the office who knows what is going on.

D.   I am told that you already have some IT experience. That's good, because we will also want you to work on the computer to help with the accounts and to do some word processing. Cathy does all our letters at the moment and it gets very busy sometimes. But you won't have to do any dictation.

E.   But you will need to do any photocopying if that is needed. You can help Cathy with the records, especially the filing, and you will also be working with her on stationery supplies; making sure that there are enough stamps and envelopes. You will get the money for that in the petty cash. You are in charge of that too, so make sure you get a receipt for everything.

Now, if you don't have any questions, I will take you to Mrs Duncan who will tell you about your pay and conditions.


a.     b.     c.    d.    e.    

a.     b.     c.     d.     e.    

a.     b.     c.     d.     e.    

a.     b.     c.     d.     e.    

a.     b.     c.     d.     e.