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Petty cash - Reading

Cathy is away from the office, so Jackie has to do the petty cash. Read the email from Cathy below, and then answer the questions opposite. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Received: from ([])
(3DEDBCA0007D800B for Mon, 2 Dec 2002 12:49:13 +0100


Hi Jackie

Since I am away this week, you are going to be in charge of the petty cash. We try to keep a float of 50, and Mr McDowell gives us a cheque to cash every week, though you can ask for money before then if you need it.

The first rule is - never let anyone get money from the cashbox without some kind of note. Even for something small, like extra milk for the Monday office meeting. If we don't have all the receipts, we can't balance the books, and Mr Scott in accounts gets annoyed.

The biggest thing you have to shell out for is Ana - the cleaner. She will come on Thursday for about an hour - have an envelope with 9.50 ready for her, and make sure that she signs for it. It should be ok - she knows what to expect.

I find it easiest to keep a running total, so I always know how much cash I have in hand. You must keep a record of all money you pay out in the petty cash ledger anyway, so it's easy enough just to update the total at the same time.

Oh yes, one other thing. If you leave the cashbox open, and Mick needs some loose change, he is likely to raid it, and leave you an IOU for what he has taken. He always pays it back, but its easiest to leave the box where he can't get his hands on it. Remember though, Mick is allowed to claim back any petrol his car uses on company business - just make sure he remembers the receipt.

I'll have a chat with you when I get back, and we'll do a quick audit together to make sure everything is ok.

See you in 10 days.



1. The petty cash is in a:
a. Box.    
b. Float.   
c. Cheque.   
d. Book.   

2. How much money is in the petty cash?
a. Less than 50.    
b. More than 50.   
c. About 50.   
d. Exactly 50.   

3. No-one can get money without -
a. identifying themselves.    
b. a good reason.    
c. a written record.   
d. permission.   

4. Among the people Jackie should pay is -
a. Cathy.   
b. Mr McDowell.   
c. Mr Scott.   
d. Mick.   

5. All money paid out should be written down in -
a. a record book.    
b. a receipt.   
c. an IOU.   
d. a cheque.   

6. What must Jackie be careful to do about Mick?
a. Pay his petrol money.    
b. Keep the cash locked up.   
c. Get back his IOU.   
d. Lend him loose change.   

7. How will Cathy help Jackie when she gets back?
a. Keep a running total.    
b. Ask for more petty cash.   
c. Pay the cleaner.   
d. Check the account.   

8. What does not happen every week?
a. Paying the cleaner.    
b. Cashing a cheque.   
c. A meeting in the office.   
d. Checking the petty cash.