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Petty cash - Functions

In these accounts, a receipt has not been entered into the petty cash ledger. It is one of the four that you see here. Look among the entries in the ledger and find which receipt is not included. When you have found it, click answer below. (It will help to have done part 2 before you do this exercise.)

Doing the accounts

Petty Cash Ledger: Cotto Bros. Co.
4/12/02 Paid in22.55p
6/12/02 Paid out : Tea & Coffee 4.55p
6/12/02 Removed unofficially!! 5.00p
7/12/02 Oil for door hinge 2.55p
7/12/02 Buy more stamps 4.40p
8/12/02 Pay Cleaner 9.50p
9/12/02 Refund petrol bill 9.50p
9/12/02 Taxi fare: Mrs Cameron 6.00p