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Petty cash - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. Money used for small expenses in an office is called -
small change trivial money loose change petty cash right wrong
2. Money kept available for use, making change, etc is called the -
balance float measure readies right wrong
3. To turn a cheque into money, you have to -
convert it. turn it over. countersign it. cash it. right wrong
4. Money might be kept in a -
cash box cashier coin sack cache right wrong
5. To prove you have purchased something, you need a -
receipt recipe refund referral right wrong
6. Measuring money paid in and paid out is called 'balancing the -
money.' ledger.' books.' debts.' right wrong
7. A colloquial form of 'to pay' is to -
bleed over nose up shell out dig in right wrong
8. Writing your name to prove you have reveived something is called 'signing ... something'
up for in over right wrong
9. A 'running total' is calculated -
immediately at the end when needed after a delay right wrong
10. Money that you have and can use now is called cash in -
tap purse wallet hand right wrong
11. A complete financial check is called a/an -
audit assessment makeover deep scan right wrong
12. A book that is used to keep accounts is called a -
stock book log book ledger lodger right wrong
13. To give the latest information is to -
adjourn update predict news in right wrong
14. Coins in your pocket or wallet are called -
spare pennies pocket money loose change odds and ends right wrong
15. A written promise to pay a debt is called a/an -
pay note IOU Bob's in PtP right wrong