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Product launch - Functions

Read this article and then answer the questions opposite (questions 1 - 8). Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

N.E. wear gets off to a 'flying' start.
Jennifer Miglan and Jason Berenz are to be the new faces of N. E. wear, the new brand of outdoor clothing which was launched this weekend at the Eagles Nest hotel. This surprise announcement by director Steven Bryan delighted the pair who had just won a modelling competition at the launch, and a one year modelling contract.

Jennifer on show.

'I still can't believe this is happening' said an astounded Jennifer (19), who was intending to get a job at her local county office before she entered the Ms N.E. wear contest 'for a laugh'. Jason, (23) agreed saying that as a keen football player and hiker, he had never considered working as a model.

Both winners were accompanied by their families who had come to the hotel for the occasion.

Jennifer and Jason spent the afternoon with other guests watching a more literal launch - dozens of competitors launching themselves into the air off the spectacular 'Devil's leap' clifftop for the second round of the national hang-gliding championships. They and about 150 others were guests of N.E. wear for the occasion.

In the evening Mr Bryan announced that sales of N.E. wear clothing had gone 'as well as we expected - and we expected to sell a lot!' The actual figures showed that N.E. wear has managed to grab a slice of the action from the market leader Ausweiss, though whether this early surge can be sustained once the new product's novelty has gone is another matter. Mr Bryan said that, as expected, almost all sales had been to mature teens and young adults.

One thing is certain, from the way that the parents of Jennifer and Jason were buying clothes at the sales booth in the hotel, at least two families are fans of the new brand.
by Steve Byers.


1. Where does this text come from?
a. A press release .   
b. A newspaper.   
c. A letter.   
d. A web page.   

2. What was the surprise at the launch?
a. That Jennifer won.   
b. New models for N.E. wear.   
c. Good sales for N.E. wear.   
d. The model's first prize.   

3. Why had Jason never considered being a model?
a. He is a sporty person.   
b. He thinks models are women.   
c. He wanted to be a hiker.   
d. His family didn't want it.   

4. Did Jason and Jennifer go hang-gliding?
a. Yes - as part of the competition.   
b. No - they just watched.   
c. Yes - all the guests did.   
d. The report doesn't say.   

5. What best describes Mr Bryan's speech?
a. Optimistic.   
b. Factual.   
c. Predictable.   
d. Enthusiastic.   

6. What does the reporter think about future sales?
a. They may be higher.   
b. They may be lower.   
c. Ausweiss will sell more.   
d. He has no opinion.   

7. What is helping N.E. wear sales at present?
a. News of the launch.   
b. Because N.E. wear matters.   
c. Mature people buy the clothes.   
d. The brand is new.   

8. Was the launch as success?
a. It doesn't say.   
b. It was a complete success.   
c. No, it was mostly a failure.   
d. It was reasonably successful.