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Product launch - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1.To make people more favourably aware of a product, you should -
malign it remote it promote it demote it right wrong
2. Actually meeting a person (and not on the phone or by e-mail) is called meeting -
face-to-face body-to-body tete-a-tete in rendevous right wrong
3. The people at your level in another company who you deal or compete with are your -
rivals dog-eat-dogs opposite numbers peer group right wrong
4. The place where a planned event happens is called the -
point X venue scene designation right wrong
5. A newspaper report with solid facts in it is called -
non-tabloid meaty a fact sheet hard news right wrong
6. What are 'journos'? -
journalists diaries weekly papers all-night parties right wrong
7. 'TGIF' means -
To Go In Front The Greatest, In Fact The Great Information Factory Thank Goodness It's Friday right wrong
8. A word meaning 'looking for' in a large area is -
investigating probing rooting scouting right wrong
9. A word to describe your home, friends, leisure interests and job is -
lifestyle weltanschauung worldspace life ecology right wrong
10. Famous people who are often seen on TV are called -
celebreties teletubbies paparazzi Jet-setters right wrong
11. Competitions before the main contest are called -
build-ups also-rans heats trials right wrong
12. A small open-fronted room, often without a roof, is a -
hutch booth kiosk kennel right wrong
13. 'Grab a slice of the action' means - something are -
steal something eat well spoil the fun participate well right wrong
14. If you are really astonished, you are -
astounded confounded confused amused right wrong
15. A person who enjoys exercise and outdoor activity can be called -
sportive gymnastic a layabout sporty right wrong