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Pilot advertisement (II) - Reading

Read the script and then answer the questions opposite. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Shooting script, N.E. wear pilot ad (2).

Time: Sunset.
Opening shot: A forest. Camera is looking at trees and some low bushes and grass.
Hold for 1 second
Action : The grass is parted, Girl looks out. Camera sees only her face, which is at ground level.
Sound: Boy's voice (worried) "Do you see anything?".
Cut to scene from Boy's point of view.
Shot: Girl has pulled herself up to look over a steep rise in the ground. Boy sees her back. Girl has long blonde hair, and is wearing a N.E. wear shirt, and tight jeans with N.E. wear logo at Boy's eye level. Girl is also wearing N.E. wear hiking boots.
Hold for 1 second
Shot: Girl lets herself drop to the ground, and faces the camera. She is aged about 19, slim, tanned, and fit. She looks slightly concerned.
Sound: Girl "I think we are lost!"
Cut to scene from Girl's point of view.
Shot: She sees Boy 20, clean-shaven, also wearing hiking clothes (not N.E. wear). Boy looks very anxious.
Sound: Boy's voice : "What are we going to do?"
Shot: Girl shrugs. She does not look very worried. Her voice is very matter-of-fact.
Sound: Girl: "It's too late to go on now. We will have to camp here for the night"
Shot: Camera cuts quickly to two rucksacks lying side by side on the grass. The two rucksacks are the same type, and it is easy to see that one has a sleeping bag on the bottom; but the other does not.
Sound: A short, deep, single chord of music..
Shot: Close-up of Boy's face as he thinks about this. He looks slightly panicky, but he definitely does not disagree with Girl
Shot Fade out
Time At night
Point of view is facing Girl and Boy from close over a campfire.
Shot: Girl and Boy are sitting close together side by side, cooking over a fire, and leaning their backs against the rise in the ground. Their faces are lit by the fire and they look relaxed and happy. Girl puts her head on Boy's shoulder. After a moment Boy puts his arm around her. The camera pans back, and pulls out of shot, moving up and back until we can see over the rise in the ground to the lights of a city which begins about a mile further away
Sound: Boy's voice "I wonder where civilization is."
Sound: Girl sighs. "N.E. wear"
Shot: Early morning in the woods. A pair of jeans and a black bra are hanging over a low branch, moving slightly in the wind.
Sound: bang
Shot: NE logo is stamped on centre of picture.
Caption: If you aren't wearing it - you aren't dressed.


1. How can we tell that the girl is in charge?
a. Her rucksack is smaller.   
b. She takes the initiative.   
c. She has N.E. wear clothes.   
d. She is older.   

2. How is the girl's character meant to be seen?
a. Immoral.   
b. Manipulative.   
c. Ingenious.   
d. Untruthful.   

3. Why does the girl lie to the boy?
a. To stay in the woods.   
b. To frighten him.   
c. As a joke.   
d. She is confused.   

4. What is the character of the boy?
a. Adventurous.   
b. Placid.   
c. Dynamic.   
d. Shy.   

5. What impression if given of N.E. wear clothing?
a. It's good for hiking.   
b. It's sexy.   
c. A & B.   
d. You can sleep in it.   

6. What is the main purpose of the advertisement?
a. Brand image.   
b. Product placement.   
c. Publicity campaign.   
d. Direct sales.   

7. Who is the target audience for this advertisement?
a. Young women.   
b. Hikers.   
c. Young men.   
d. Country people.   

8. Which of these themes does the advertisement not suggest?
a. The outdoors.   
b. Sex.   
c. Adventure.   
d. Travel.