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Pilot advertisement (II) - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. Something which is done to test the public response is a -
test shower primary sighting shot pilot right wrong
2. Something too small to be called a hill is a -
rise lift raise uttermost right wrong
3. A long walk in the country is called a -
tramp march hike steeplechase right wrong
4. Skin turned brown by the sun is called -
burned tanned touched nutted right wrong
5. Something said without much emotion is -
matter-of-fact overwrought precise over the top right wrong
6. Notes of music played together make a -
crescendo canto choir chord right wrong
7. When a picture on screen gradually turns black this is called a -
dark screen blackover curtain shot fade out right wrong
8. Carrying out a new idea of how to do something is an -
inspiration initiative instigation involvement right wrong
9. Having your product appear in the background of a film is called -
product placement stage showing in-film advertising publicity shot right wrong
10. Things which go together to make one mood or idea are called a/an -
theme ecology idea family sweet match right wrong
11. Something you buy is a -
bargain sale purchase bill right wrong
12. A company that is involved in a particular market can be called a -
dealer punter monopolist player right wrong
13. The percentage of total sales in a market by one company is its -
profit margin market share sales force deal ratio right wrong
14. The word for husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/lover is -
mate spouse partner colleague right wrong
15. Something which is attractively designed has -
style quality pedigree elitism right wrong