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Market surveys - Functions

Read the market survey, and then answer the questions opposite (questions 1 - 8). Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Market survey data - Hapman's Leisure Clothes Vs Ausweiss

Brand image
What kind of people wear these clothes?
&nbs;p Stylish Ordinary Adventurous Sensible Romantic


Market segmentation

How often do you buy Hapman/Ausweiss clothing?
Bar 1 = often
Bar 2 = almost always
Bar 3 = rarely/never
M = Male
OVER 40      18-40      TEENS    

Buying incentives
What leads you to buy Hapman/Ausweiss clothing?

Hapman Ausweiss
GREEN = style
PURPLE = brand
RED = price
BROWN = quality


What stops you from buying Ausweiss/ Hapmans clothing?

 Style Too expensive Poor quality Image
For Hapman32%12%4%52%
For Ausweiss27%41%6%26%

copyright Verity Research 2002


1. What is the difference in brand image between Ausweiss and Hapman?
a. Ausweiss is more glamorous.   
b. Hapman is worn more often.   
c. Ausweiss is for simple people.   
d. Hapman clothes are more original.   

2. The majority of people think Hapman clothes are for ..
a. parties.   
b. outdoor activities.   
c. everyday wear.   
d. special occasions.   

3. Who are Hapman's best customers?
a. Men over 40 .   
b. Teenage girls.   
c. Women aged 18 - 40.   
d. Men aged 18 - 40.   

4. Which age group is most likely to buy Ausweiss clothes?
a. Teens.   
b. 18-40s.   
c. over 40s.   

5. Who is least likely to buy Ausweiss clothes?
a. Female teens.   
b. Men aged 18-40.   
c. Men over 40.   
d. Women over 40.   

6. Which of these statements on brand perception is correct? (choose two)
a. Hapman's offer good prices and quality .   
b. Ausweiss is very attractively priced.   
c. The Hapman's brand sells clothes.   
d. Ausweiss clothes are stylish.   

7. What is the main reason people don't buy Ausweiss clothes?
a. The quality is poor.   
b. They aren't stylish enough.   
c. They don't like the advertisements.   
d. They cost too much.   

8. What does this survey tell us overall?
a. Ausweiss make better clothes.   
b. Hapman's clothes are not fashionable.   
c. More women than men think Ausweiss is stylish.   
d. Hapman clothes are too expensive.