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Market surveys - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. 'Trade literature' refers to -
exchanging books books about trade marketing magazines and books books and magazines about an industry right wrong
2. Extracting useful information from spreadsheets and databases is called -
the infobahn datextrak data mining spreadbasing right wrong
3. Where different types of people live and how many of them there are is called -
demographics censorship geographics sociology right wrong
4. People who are considering buying your product are called -
clients goods retailers sales prospects potential buys right wrong
5. The name and logo that distinguishes a particular product is the -
make brand ID number barcode right wrong
6. Information that tells you how well you are doing is called -
biometrics results on-news feedback right wrong
7. Money that's left after you have paid all your bills is your -
petty cash disposable income loose change leftovers right wrong
8. Questions that ask for a lot of precise information are called -
investigative probing inappropriate meddling right wrong
9. Answers that cannot not give a lot of details are called -
imprecise restricted vague confined right wrong
10. A particular group of customers is a -
sales force group market market segment buy band right wrong
11. A part that can represent the whole is a -
sample segment slice section right wrong
12. The way that people buy things are their -
sales techniques ad responses pavlovianisms shopping habits right wrong
13. Things that make you want to buy something are -
urges excitements incentives advertisements right wrong
14. The way that people think about a brand affects its -
price image recognition style right wrong
15. The abbreviation meaning that two things are competing is -
a-z vs e.g ac/dc right wrong