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Advertising companies - Functions

This is conversation between the managing director Andrew Hodge to Stephen Johnson, the assistant sales director who will choose who will manage his company's marketing campaign. Read the text, and then answer the questions opposite (questions 1 - 8). Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Andrew Hodge: Well, have you decided which one it's going to be?

Stephen Johnson: Well, its tough - but I think it's between Impact Ads and Verity.

Andrew Hodge: What's wrong with Transworld?

Stephen Johnson: Well, they are a little low on substance. They keep saying they are a 'top' company, but they do not say what they are top of! They say they have original designs, and ideas, but they don't give any examples. I'd like to know more about their campaigns and their clients. The only thing they do say is that they are cheaper than the others - but do they give value for money? I could find more about them, but if a marketing comapny can't sell itself, can it sell for us?
I like Verity's idea, of working closely with us at every stage of the process I think we need something like that. They seem to me to be a good company, and all the people who have worked with them tell me that they do exactly as they say - they work with you, and they don't mess you around.

Andrew Hodge: And Impact?

Stephen Johnson: That's the problem. they are good, very good. They are very expensive, but they do a fantastic job. If you look at their list of satisfied customers, it is as long as your arm. They are a young team, very professional, very innovative but they are a bit light on their management consultancy side - they know it too, so they have brought in an outside partner. They will do a very good campaign, but we will have to organise it a lot more for them - their service is less complete.

Andrew Hodge: So they do less, but do it well?

Stephen Johnson: Very well. And their ROI is apparently very good, so they are cheaper than they look.

Andrew Hodge: So it's going to be Impact then?

Stephen Johnson: Well, if we end up with Impact, it will be no bad thing. But I have been talking to George Halds at Verity - they have a new young employee, Sandra Sean. She's got some original ideas, and they want to give her a try on a big project. And she is almost as good as Impact in one way - they tried to poach her from Verity earlier this year!


1. What is the main objection to Transworld?
a. Not enough detail.   
b. Not convincing.   
c. Too cheap.   
d. Not value for money.   

2. What is in Impact Ad's favour?
a. An outside partner .   
b. Comprehensive service.   
c. Top quality product.   
d. Cheap ROI.   

3. What is in Verity's favour?
a. George Halds is good.   
b. They have worked with many people.   
c. They are cheaper than Transworld.   
d. They have a good reputation.   

4. How long is something 'as long as your arm'?
a. Very long.   
b. Reasonably long.   
c. Not long.   
d. Reasonably short.   

5. What does a company do to 'poach' someone?
a. Fire them.   
b. Steal them from another firm.   
c. Give them a pay rise.   
d. Train them well.   

6. How close does Johnson seem to deciding?
a. He can't decide.   
b. He has almost decided.   
c. He has already decided.   
d. He was always sure who he wanted.   

7. How could Sandra Sean be described?
a. Experienced.   
b. An unknown person.   
c. A poacher.   
d. A rising star.   

8. Which company seems likely to get the contract?
a. Verity.   
b. Impact Ads.   
c. Transworld.