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Advertising companies - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. 'Verity' is another word for -
reality truth large amounts proof right wrong
2. A person with 'integrity' is -
hard-working a salesman trustworthy inside a business right wrong
3. Something you know well, and are close to is ...
approachable integrated fortissimo intimate right wrong
4. Making something as good as possible is called -
aemelioration worthiness optimization brushing up right wrong
5. The measurements you use to see how you are doing are called -
metics trademarks profit margins statements right wrong
6. The difference between costs and profits is the -
price unit cost break-even point margin right wrong
7. The list of top US companies is the -
Millionares' row Fortune 500 Wall St Index Golden 100 right wrong
8. What is ROI?
read only instructions real original interest rest or inquire return on investment right wrong
9. Something that does not need explaining -
is a piece of cake speaks for itself is self-advertising puts itself first right wrong
10. Something that is suddenly stopped is stopped -
dead in its tracks like stone like a dead dodo by the police right wrong
11. IT stands for -
Investment transfer Inland trading Inherent total Information technology right wrong
12. Something new, original and better is a/n -
brainwave neologism innovation primordial right wrong
13. Something that does not give many details is -
rock solid low on substance down to brass tacks fully of nitty-gritty right wrong
14. Something that is worth what you pay for gives -
value for money top dollar undersold goods pounds in the pocket right wrong
15. Someone who gives bad service and causes you extra work -
pains your neck is less than use messes you about goes to hell right wrong