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Marketing mistakes - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. An effort to sell a product that lasts for a long time is a marketing -
campaign phase assault saga right wrong
2. The area which receives the greatest effort and attention is the -
spearpoint sales point focus hit zone right wrong
3. People who might be interested in buying a product are referred to as -
suckers passing trade new buyers prospects right wrong
4. The environment in which possible customers see the advertisement is the -
context ambient view area lookout right wrong
5. A very large advertisement, often on the side of the road, is called a -
pin-up sidebar mega-ad billboard right wrong
6. A phone directory of local businesses (often with advertisements) is called the -
black book fortune 500 dial-a-biz yellow pages right wrong
7. Finding the best way to sell a particular product is called the -
seller's riddle marketing puzzle best bait idea remaindering right wrong
8. A promise that a product will perform as advertised is a -
special offer guarantee voucher high fidelity right wrong
9. Aggressive selling of a product is called a -
forced buy pushed sale hard sell fire sale right wrong
10. When a salesman trys to persuade you to buy something, he is giving a -
sales pitch selling platter market talk buy bowl right wrong
11. Someone who pays for a production which is seen by the public is a -
producer sponsor promotor financier right wrong
12. What does ROI stand for?
record of intitative regret or intent rate of interest return on investment right wrong
13. A person you go to for certain information is a/an -
informer teller gossip contact right wrong
14. A 'lead' is the first step to a possible -
sale advertisement failure survey right wrong
15. The expression for any small product which a company makes or sells is a -
womble widget wombat whatsit right wrong