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Management consultancy report - Functions

This is a memo from the managing director Andrew Hodge to Stephen Johnson, one of the assistant sales directors. First put the paragraphs in order (questions 1 - 3), and then answer the questions opposite (questions 4 - 8). Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.


From: Andrew Hodge M.D.
To: Stephen Johnson, Sales.

Re: New marketing initiative.

Stephen -

1. This paragraph is the
    a. first   
    b. second   
    c. third
Obviously, if Tony is taking on Tommy Dee that is going to take up most of the resources of the sales department. So we are going to do Tommy Dee in-house, and outsource the campaign against Ausweiss. What I want you to do before the end of the month is to select a good marketing consultancy (Terry Hayes can give you some suggestions), and prepare a rough action plan and cost estimate.

2. This paragraph is the
    a. first   
    b. second   
    c. third
This should be based on how much it would cost to take 10% of Ausweiss' sales.These guys have been expanding at our expense. I want to find what they have been doing right, and what we have been doing wrong, and how to stop it. Ausweiss have been eating our lunch for too long, and it's time we took action. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas

3. This paragraph is the
    a. first   
    b. second   
    c. third
I'm sure that you have now read the consultancy report on the company. As you can see their opinion is that unless our sales and market share pick up we will be in trouble. We've decided to break the problem into parts, with different groups dealing with each part. So James is looking at the retail side, Tony is going head to head with Tommy Dee to see if he can make inroads into their share of the market, and your job is to tackle Ausweiss.



4. If you go 'head to head' with someone, you ...
a. work with them .   
b. compete directly.   
c. argue.   
d. think the same way.   

5. What does 'eating our lunch' mean here?
a. stealing our ideas.   
b. doing our work.   
c. taking our business.   
d. looking for trouble.   

6. What have Hapman decided to do?
a. Divide their resources.   
b. Compete with only one company..   
c. Improve sales by 10%.   
d. Look for a rough plan.   

7. What is Stephen Johnson's job?
a. To find a marketing consultancy.   
b. To prepare a budget.   
c. To improve the company.   
d. To compete with Ausweiss.   

8. Why is Stephen's work being outsourced?
a. To keep costs down.   
b. Tony doesn't want Stephen.   
c. Tony can't prepare an action plan.   
d. The Sales dept. have another job.