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Management consultancy report - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. 'Domestic' in sales terms can mean within -
the country the company a particular town individual streets right wrong
2. Large stores which sell a wide variety of non-grocery products are called -
ware houses supermarket shops grand magazines department stores right wrong
3. Buying from a catalogue or from the internet from the manufacturer is called -
distance buying buying direct wholesaling factory purchase right wrong
4. A manufactured product which is given to someone else to sell is -
retailed secondhand in-store shop sold right wrong
5. Sales figures that do not rise or fall are called -
level peaking flat base figures right wrong
6. A period where the economy has done less well than it did before is called a -
setback depression recession fallback right wrong
7. If figures go down slightly, but rise immediately, this is called a -
dip valley bend stoop right wrong
8. When something has got as high as it is going to get, it has -
topped up pointed hyped peaked right wrong
9. Something that makes customers want to buy a product is a -
salesman price margin selling point price resistance right wrong
10. A circular diagram showing proportions is a -
round graph pictogram pie chart piece of cake right wrong
11. A word for a triangle with a round edge can be a -
roundangle wedge slice segment right wrong
12. If lots of people know your product, this is -
brand recognition promotion transnationalism advertising right wrong
13. People who often buy your product are your -
sales point potential market buyers customer base right wrong
14. The name and logo on a product constitute its -
sales figure brand copyright mark right wrong
15. A very important part of your market is called a -
top wedge key segment vital statistic point of sale right wrong