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An informal letter - Functions

Jake is playing golf with venture capitalist Vernold Haughly. Read their conversation, and try to decide on a: the relationship between the two men b: what else is happening in the conversation. When you have decided click on 'ANALYSIS'.

Jake: "Oh dear, Vernold, bad luck. What are you thinking about? Obviously not golf. Is your mind still on business?"

Vernold: "Why? Are you fishing for some information?"

Jake: (Laughs) "Always."

Vernold: "H'm. Anything in particular?"

Jake: "Well, yes, actually. I have this friend, Ivan English - do you know him? - and he's looking to build a portfolio of hot new stocks."

Vernold: "English eh? No, I don't know him. Would he be interested in health services?"

Jake: "I must introduce you one day - you'll like him. I would think so. He's an IT specialist, but he covers the whole market."

Vernold: "Well, tell him to look at Lowshile. They're going to sell off their non-healthcare business, and stick to their core competence. I think the market will like that."

Jake: "Lowshile eh? I'll make a note."

Vernold: "And if he is interested in IT, I hope he is following Biertech. Word is they are going to be taken over soon.

Jake: "Oh, really? Who's the buyer?"

Vernold: "Never you mind. Now, of course, I am bringing Clareton toys to market soon...."

Jake: "Ah yes, Clareton. I'll tell Ivan to check out the stock carefully. Do you have a prospectus I could send him?"

Vernold: "I'd be delighted. It's worth a punt, you know."