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An informal letter - Reading

Ivan has sent this email to a friend. Read it and then answer the questions on the part opposite. Check with 'Answers' at the bottom of the page.

Hi Jake -

You wanted to know what things were like at my new job. Well, for a start let me tell you about the office. It's open plan, but that does not mean a lot because there are only three of us in it!

Our workstations are arranged in a sort of island in the middle of the room, and there is a computer with an ASDL connection in the corner. This is really useful because it gives us real time information on the stocks we are following. Unfortunately there is only the one, so we are hot-desking on it. The chairs are swivel and tilt. I never realised how important it is to have ergonomic chairs until I started doing my nine to fives in one. The main perk for me is that I have my own parking bay in the underground garage, so I don't have to worry where to put my wheels during the day.

We work flexitime, though there is a core time of ten to two, when we all have to be there. The hierarchy is pretty flat - we report directly to Magnus Blake, who is the head honcho here. I don't know what sort of package the others have. I got a small golden hello, and there is a good basic salary, though anything extra is EWYK.

Anyway, I am researching a new portfolio for a single client. He wants a higher return than I am going to get from blue stock chips, so I am looking for some promising IPOs that can give over 8%. Can you put the word out with some of the venture capitalists you play golf with every Wednesday?

We'll exchange notes at the gym on Friday.



1. The main purpose of the email is to ..
a. give information.   
b. ask for information.   
c. both a and b   
d. say hello to Jake.   

2. The tone of the email is ..
a. businesslike.   
b. informal.   
c. detailed.   
d. restrained.   

3. Why does Ivan mention chairs?
a. He often changes desks.   
b. He likes tilting them.   
c. He spends all day sitting.   
d. They were better in his last job.   

4. How does Ivan get to work?
a. By car.   
b. On a bicycle.   
c. On the underground.   
d. He doesn't say.   

5. What does Ivan say about his salary?
a. He earns less than the others.   
b. He earns more than the others.   
c. He is satisfied with his salary.   
d. He will not get any extra money.   

6. What is implied about "blue chip stocks"?
a. They are not profitable enough.   
b. They are safe.   
c. They are new.   
d. They are Jake's speciality.   

7. What does Ivan want from Jake?
a. To meet a venture capitalist.   
b. To make an IPO.   
c. To get some good tips.   
d. A conversation about golf.   

8. Do Jake and Ivan go to the same gym regularly?
a. Most probably.   
b. Probably.   
c. Probably not.   
d. Certainly not.