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An informal letter - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. An office where everyone works in the same room is called a/an -
Chinese walled Flat packed Open plan Downsized right wrong
2. What is ASDL?
A fast internet connection A bad manager A pension plan EU business legislation right wrong
3. Information that updates as it happens is called -
real-time information relative information the grapevine fast ticker info right wrong
4. When different people take turns using the same desk, this is called -
time-share capacity utilization table swapping hot desking right wrong
5. Furniture that is comfortable and designed to work with your body is called -
massage furniture bodywise ergonomic RSI inducing right wrong
6. Which expression means "a working day"?
Nine to five TGIF Millstone Daily dollar right wrong
7. A place to park your car is a -
car station parking bay car pound towaway zone right wrong
8. An idiomatic expression for "my car" is -
my mojo my getabout my puncture my wheels right wrong
9. If you can choose some of the hours you work, this is called -
clock-watching clocking in non standard time flexitime right wrong
10. A "flat heirarchy" means that -
there aren't many managers promotion is slow no-one works hard reading the grapevine right wrong
11. What does the colloquial expression "head honcho" mean?
A good job The boss A bad feeling A pocket calculator right wrong
12. If you get some money for joining a company this is called a -
hot tip golden hello welcome in boarding pass right wrong
13. EWYK means you are paid for the business you create for your company -
Extra Work You seeK Earning Your WorK Each Week You Know Eat What You Kill right wrong
14. Companies being launched on the stock exchange are called IPOs. What does IPO stand for?
Initially Proven Options Initial Public Offering In Profit Organisations Ideal Profit Opportunity right wrong
15. Peope who invest and develop new companies are called -
Shareholders Stockbrokers Venture Capitalists Estate Agents right wrong