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Preparing a CV - Functions

You are a friend of Ivan's. You have heard this conversation between Mr Blake and Mrs Meredith. Read it and decide what advice you would give Ivan. When you have finished click on 'ANALYSIS'

Mr Blake: "Now, this young man English. What do you think of him?"

Mrs Meredith: "Well, I've heard good things about him."

Mr Blake: "He's given Ed George as a referee. Can't stand the man myself."

Mrs Meredith: "This Professor Doors has a very high reputation though"

Mr Blake: "How do Brauch, Campbell feel about this? Don't we do business with them?"

Mrs Meredith: "I don't think they know. We do equity investments with them, but I think they will appreciate a man in our company who knows how they do business."

Mr Blake: "Well, we had better find out, hadn't we?"

Mrs Meredith: "Of course. I'll have a word with Joe Foster - he handles most of our business with Brauch, Campbell. I'll tell him to put the word out."

Mr Blake: "Hm. Well, if Campbell Brausch are happy, how do Personnel feel? We can still get someone else."

Mrs Meredith: "Oh, they like him. Young, ambitious, fully-trained and living locally. They think we should go for it."

Mr Blake: "Wait until you hear from Foster. If that's ok, set up an interview. We'll try to start him, say, at the end of next month?