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Preparing a CV - Reading

This CV was sent to a company which was advertising for a portfolio manager. Read it and then answer the questions opposite. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Ivan T. English. 27 Burberry Place, Islington, London WC1 .
Tel no 0181 7832007. e-mail

Positions held:
2000 - Portfolio manager, Brausch, Campbell & Son.
1997-2000 Stock analyst, Brausch, Campbell & Son.
1990 - 1997 Financial Services, Junior Manager, Bellweather Co.

MBA Business, Judge Institute, Cambridge.
First hons. Philosophy, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.
A Level English, Maths, history (straight As).

Institute of Management.
British Business Association.

Relevant experience: Competent with Excel spreadsheets.
Trained with Sharesearch data analysis package.
Average portfolio return on investment 1998-2000: 23%
Broad experience in market research and portfolio management in all sectors of the
economy, and specialising in the IT industry.
Contacts throughout the markets who are able
to supply informal comment and analysis.

Personal details:

Born: April 7, 1968. Rhymington, Lancashire.

Marital status. Single.

Driving licence: Yes.

Cultivating bonsai trees.

Salary in last position:
47 000 plus benefits.

Edward George: CEO Bellweather Co, Threadneedle St, London.
Professor S. Doors: Professor of Economics, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University.


1. Ivan English works ..
a. in the IT industry.   
b. in financial services.   
c. at a Cambridge college.   
d. in business management.   

2. When he left Bellweather co, he was ..
a. under 25 years old.   
b. over 35 years old.   
c. about 30 years old.   
d. he doesn't say.   

3. As a portfolio manager he is ..
a. totally inexperienced.   
b. rather inexperienced.   
c. experienced.   
d. highly experienced.   

4. Which expression best describes Ivan English?
a. University graduate.   
b. IT specialist.   
c. Director.   
d. Unskilled labour.   

5. Where did Ivan English probably go first?
a. Sidney Sussex college.   
b. The Bellweather Co.   
c. Brausch, Campbell & Son.   
d. The Judge Institute.   

6. How is Ivan English with regard to Sharesearch?
a. Qualified.   
b. Experienced.   
c. Practised.   
d. Capable.   

7. What sort of portfolio management can Ivan English do?
a. Only IT.   
b. For businesses.   
c. General.   
d. Those needing informal contacts.   

8. What is most significant about the referees given?
a. One is a university Professor.   
b. One is a previous employer.   
c. They are people who know him well.   
d. He does not give his current employers.