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Preparing a CV - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. Ivan sent a copy of his CV to Biscuit Investments. "CV" stands for -
Collected Volumes Curriculum Vitae Current Vitals Corpus Voluntarum right wrong
2. A group of companies in which a person holds shares is called a/n -
stockbroking ana list portfolio equity listing right wrong
3. He worked in the field of financial services. "Financial services" here does not include -
selling insurance buying shares selling pensions receiving a pension right wrong
4. He found a new job with another investment company. Another word for "job" is -
choice pose posture position right wrong
5. He is a competent spreadsheet user. You find "spreadsheets" on -
computers stock exchanges sailing ships bank accounts right wrong
6. A society or organisation set up for a special purpose may be called a/an -
omnivore clinic institute country house right wrong
7. Average return on investment is 20%. "Return" means -
amount remaining profit percentage loss right wrong
8. Someone you know who can help you is called a/an -
informer contact rival dope right wrong
9. He got straight A grades in his exam. "Straight" means -
catastrophic almost not honest without change right wrong
10. He worked in the technology sector. The initials meaning "high-tech communications" are
Ht&C IT B.Sc OdD. right wrong
11. His marital status is single. This means he is -
in jail unmarried alone poor right wrong
12. Papers which show that you can do a job are called your -
qualifications quality control academic results quantities right wrong
13. The amount of time you have spent doing a job is a part of your -
degree certificate experience insurance right wrong
14. He earns 25 000 plus benefits. "Benefits" are probably-
taxes additions to a salary a sort of pension holidays right wrong
15. Another (mostly US) name for the head of a company is the -
OTC CiC CEO RSE right wrong