English Computer Course

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In these exercises you can learn the vocabulary you need to work in English with computers.

Lesson 1
Hardware: External appearance
Software: Basic computer software
Internet:Meet the Net
Lesson 2
Hardware: Input devices
Software: Laying out text
Internet: The World Wide Web
Lesson 3
Hardware: Output devices
Software: The office suite
Internet: Virtual shopping
Lesson 4
Hardware: Storage
Software: Viruses
Internet: E-mail
Lesson 5
Hardware: The motherboard
Software: Computer languages
Internet: Cybercrime & scams
Lesson 6
Hardware: Portable computers
Software: Operating systems
Internet: Safe surfing
Lesson 7
Hardware: History
Software: Twenty years ago
Internet:How it happened
Lesson 8
Hardware: Future trends
Software: Databases
Internet: The connected society
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