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Lesson 2:   Input devices - part 1   |   part 2


Read the text below. When you find a blank space write the name of the correct picture in the space. (A hint for American English users. The British don't use the expression 'cell phones'!) Once you have filled all ten spaces, check your answers. The boxes with correct answers will turn green. They will be red if you are wrong.


Imput Devices
    When personal computers first came out in the 1980s, there was really only one way to get information into them - with a . Then graphical interfaces came along, and it became important to be able to interact with objects on the screen. The commonest way of doing this is with a , but some computers - for example tablet-style computers - have screens you can write on directly, using a touchscreen or a . People who use their computers mainly for games will tell you that the most important way of communicating with their computers is with a .
    It took almost a decade before computers became powerful enough to accept voice commands, but today we can communicate with our computer with a . We can also talk to other computer users, and even see them through a . The computer has mostly replaced the machine, but if you do receive a printed page, you can still put a copy into your computer with a .
    Today, a network or bluetooth will let you connect to your computer with almost any electronic device, such as a phone.