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Lesson 3:   Output devices - part 1   |   part 2


On the right you can see an output device. Its specification notes include name (at the top) output type (writing, visual or sound) and description. Click on the correct name of the device shown, then its output type and description, then check your answer by looking at the 'specifications sheet' which will appear at the bottom of the page.


Headphones Flat-screen Monitor Laser Printer Inkjet Printer Speakers
 writing    visual    sound

...used to listen without disturbing other people.

...used for letters, putting web pages on paper and making colour photographs. flat, energy efficient, and does not flicker.

...for richer sounds, music, movies and games. Can be used by more than one person.

...used in the office to make hundreds of pages every month. Usually black and white output.

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