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Formal letters - Reading

Below you can see extracts from several different kinds of business letter. Match each extract with the type of letter listed on the right. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

1.   We are pleased to tell you that your application has been accepted, and should you wish to take up the position …

2.   No further disciplinary action will be taken. If however, you fail to behave in accordance with this notification, then ..

3.   Thank you for your enquiry about our product range. We are pleased to enclose with this letter …

4.   …many of the parts were faulty, and some failed immediately on installation. Quality control is sub-standard …

5.   … our deepest regrets for the unfortunate incident, which was due to circumstances completely beyond our control…

6.   We hope that we will have the pleasure of your company on this occasion, which marks the 25th anniversary ..

7.   Unfortunately we are unable to take up your offer at this time. We wish you the best of luck with your project ..

8.   Unless you have paid in full within the next fourteen days we will be forced to begin legal proceedings, at your expense …


A. Rejection.

B. Apology.

C. Job offer.

D. Final demand.

E. Response.

F. Report.

G. Formal warning.

H. Invitation.