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Company departments - Functions

Mrs Cameron has asked Julie to prepare a letter. Match the informal spoken English on the left with the formal business English phrases below. When you have finished click on 'Answers'

Written and spoken English

1. Send a letter to Dick's lot ..
a. To Richard Byhers &Co b. To Mr Dick Plc. c. To Garner, Dickens and Neil    
2. ...and get Bill to look at it.
a. To be seen by William b. For Bill's eyes only c. For the attn of William Tagg   
3. Tell him its about what happened last month.
a. Re: The events of 11/02 b. The happening last month c. About: 11/02 - what happened.   
4. I'm really sorry;
a. My sorrow is most real b. We offer our deepest
c. I'm real regretful.    
5. I did all I could...
a. We did the lot, in fact b. We tried our uttermost c. We endeavoured all    
6. ... about it ...
a. In this matter b. In the locus in re c. Of this concern    
7. ... but....
a. regardless b. furthermore c. however   
8. .... it wasn't not good enough.
a. Our goodness was insufficient b. Unfortunately we failed c. It was almost adequately good.   
9. What do you want to do now?
a. Inform us about what happens next b. Please advise us of your future
c. How are your plans henceforward?   
10. Etc. etc.
a. And all the rest of it. J. Stanley     b. Yours, evermore, J. Stanley.     c. Best regards, J Stanley.