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Meetings and minutes - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. The record of what happens in a meeting is called the -
diary seconds minutes hours right wrong
2. People who meet to organize something particular form a -
committee conference clique congregation right wrong
3. The head of the group in question (2) is called the -
dogsbody table arbitrator chair right wrong
4. A meeting begins when it is -
put in place called to order under control fully in hand right wrong
5. People who cannot attend a meeting send -
excuses pleadings felicitations apologies right wrong
6. The list of things to be done is the -
diary to do list agenda calendar right wrong
7. If someone wants to comment about the meeting this is a -
pointed comment point of order sharp remark sharp reminder right wrong
8. An idea for the meeting to consider is called a/an -
movement action motion referral right wrong
9. The person who presents the idea is the -
proposer suggester mover ideas man right wrong
10. The person who agrees with the idea is the -
yes man confirmer backer seconder right wrong
11. Money you have to pay someone is a/an -
owing cash crisis deduction debt right wrong
12. If something is left to be done later, it is -
detailed demeaned deferred defiled right wrong
13. Something that will be considered later is taken -
into consideration under advisement into memory under the rose right wrong
14. The number of people needed to make a meeting official is a -
quorum quota quotidian quay right wrong
15. When a meeting is closed until another day it is -
adjourned postponed backed up procrastinated right wrong