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Keeping in touch - Functions

This is a part of a company memo about how members of the company communicate with each other. Read the text, and then choose one of the words in the answers opposite that means the same as each part of the text written in blue . Put the number next to that word in the box provided.

Keeping in touch

Because we are a very busy office, we need to keep in touch at all times, even while we are not in the office. Here are some of the main ways that we do this.

Most senior members of staff have a 1. telephone that they can carry around with them . If it is turned off for any reason you can still 2. send a message to their phone in writing.

Mostly for communication with other parts of the company, we use 3. written messages that are sent through your computer, while messages about things in this building are sent on 4. special notes which are given to everyone who needs to read them.

For more general announcements there is a 5. place where you can pin a message up for anyone to read. If you need to talk to the boss in her office, the phone has a 6. device that you can press so that you can talk to her without telephoning

If we need to send paper documents anywhere, we use a 7. machine that makes a digital copy of the document and sends it over the phone line. And finally if there is an urgent and important announcement, it will be given to everyone through a 8. set of speakers that can be heard everywhere in the building.


A. Fax machine    

B. Notice board    

C. Intercom    

D. Memo    

E. Text message    

F. Public address system    

G. E-mail    

H. Mobile