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Keeping in touch - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. A book of instructions on how to do something is called a -
manual leaflet pamphlet exhortation right wrong
2. The record of who said what at a meeting is called the -
recordings moments reportings minutes right wrong
3. A businessman carries his papers around in a -
rucksack carry-bag satchel briefcase right wrong
4. Papers which you have to work on are called your -
workpaper paperwork documentation word processes right wrong
5. The adjective of the word 'contract' (a formal agreement) is -
contractive contractary contractual contraction right wrong
6. Something you have to do is a/an -
obligation obedience hint suggestion right wrong
7. The word meaning to 'let someone know' is to -
observe information notify hinder right wrong
8. Something that has been put into the place where it will be working has been -
installed attached inserted dug in right wrong
9. A special phone line with which you can contact someone urgently is a/an -
ISDN line hotline chatline firewire right wrong
10. Another word for 'absolutely necessary and urgent' is -
dilatory needy high-velocity imperative right wrong
11.Complete this proverb 'half a loaf is better than .....'
crumbs no bread a whole loaf a stale loaf right wrong
12. Someone who is not informed is 'kept...' -
in secret off the record in the dark very quiet right wrong
13. Someone who is informed is 'kept....' -
into date up front well hush in the loop right wrong
14. Things you do while you are connected to the internet are done -
in the net on-line cyberstyle spamwise right wrong
15. If you stay in contact with someone, you 'keep in ...' -
conversation feel touch earshot right wrong