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Office tasks and materials - Reading

Read the text opposite and then number the jobs Jackie has to do from first to last. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Things to do today

Mr McAndrew has to work in the branch office. He has left a note for Jackie telling her what to do while he is away. Read the note, and then, in the section on the right, put her jobs in the order that she should do them, putting '1' in the box next to her first job, '2' next to her second job and so on.

Hi Jackie -
I can't come in today, so I'd like you to do a few odd jobs for me.

First of all, can you e-mail me the files on the planned office refurbishment that I was working on yesterday? They're in my computer on the C drive. You won't be able to do it before Cathy gets in at 10 o'clock though, because she is the only one who knows my password to the computer.

In the meantime, I would like you to sort out the old bookcase in the stationery room. We want to chuck it out, so take the books to Mr Boswell's office, and the other papers in the box files will have to be moved to the filing cabinet.

I'm expecting Jake Howell to get back to me on the Bismuth contract, so please check the answering machine asap. He might have phoned early. But if you haven't heard from him by 3 p.m. can you phone his secretary and ask her to remind him?

I'm expecting Jake to pop in tomorrow at about eight in the morning, so when you knock off today, can you warn Stephanie at reception that he will be coming? I'd like it if he was sent straight up, rather than hanging about for me if I'm late.

Remember that you have IT training straight after lunch. I think you are doing databases today, so when you get back Mick will show you how our database works. Mind you everyone will be ready for some coffee by then, so do the coffee first, and have one yourself!

See you tomorrow!

Do IT training.  

Talk to Stephanie in reception.  

Sort out the bookcase.  

Do databases with Mick.  

Check the answering machine.  

E-mail Mr McAndew's files.  

Make coffee.  

Get password from Cathy.