Business Studies Course - The Office
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Office tasks and materials - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. A smaller office in a different part of town from the main one is called the -
side office annex branch office box office right wrong
2. Different jobs that have nothing to do with each other are called -
odd jobs piece work over work multi-tasks right wrong
3. If you change the paint and furniture in a room or building this is -
refurbishment mobilising house repairs a paint job right wrong
4. The C drive keeps information on a -
golf scorecard car log book computer system phone book right wrong
5. A secret word that allows you to do something is a -
key word tag word hide word password right wrong
6. Another way to say 'throw away' is -
throw up chuck out heave to tuck away right wrong
7. A legal agreement to do something is a -
compact trustee extract contract right wrong
8. To finish work for the day is called to -
kick off knock up kick up knock off right wrong
9. Waiting and doing nothing is called -
lurking dangling around hanging about loitering right wrong
10. An organised way of storing facts and details in a computer is a -
word processor database spreadsheet reformat right wrong
11. To see someone for a quick informal visit is to -
bowl over drop across pop in do a quickie right wrong
12. Loose papers can be stored in a -
box file lever arch file microfliche envelopment right wrong
13. Pens, paper, elastic bands and paper clips are collectively called -
mobility stagnant stationery zippy right wrong
14. To contact someone again with information they have asked for is to .......... to them.
get back call over re-attatch rejoin right wrong
15. What abbreviation means do it 'as soon as you can'? -
ASAYC ASAP QDP VFP right wrong