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Audits - Reading

Jackie is helping the accounts department. Read the notes and then decide where the phrases on the right belong in the text. Put the number of each phrase in the box it belongs to. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

Preparing for the audit

Hi Jackie -

Thanks for helping us to cash up for .... 1.... month. There are a number of things we would like you to do. First of all, can you go through the used cheque books, and check the amounts written on the cheque ...2..... .. Look particularly for cheques that have not been cashed and for cashed cheques that we don't have a stub for - this could be a fraud. Also let us know if any of the cheques that we paid in from customers were bounced.

Next, we need to check the vouchers that have been issued against those that have been used. As you know, the company gives vouchers as a perk; and different vouchers ... 3.... or for discount personal computer kit at the local branch of Computer Universe. These vouchers are not transferable, so you need to check that only the .... 4..... vouchers did so.

Any other expenses must be registered as claims in the expense account, and they should have copies of the bills or invoices which are being claimed for. You should also ... 5.... the dates on the claim, and that payment was cleared by the accounts department.

While ... 6.... I can be getting on with the salaries and bonuses. These are confidential, and only a few people ... 7.... . So of course, these are the people who are very busy at this time of the year. Its even worse this year, because a number of people have been laid off, ... 8.... payments.

A. people who are entitled to use the   

B. in the company are allowed to see the figures   

C. stubs against the bank statements   

D. check that the dates on the invoices match   

E. and we have to sort out their redundancy   

F. the audit at the end of the   

G. you are doing that, Mary and   

H. can be used for the canteen, transport