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Audits - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. When you look to see how much money you have made (or lost!) you -
cheque up pay up pay down cash up right wrong
2. The part of a cheque that stays in the book when you have torn out the rest is the -
stub stump stick stab right wrong
3. When you turn a cheque into money, you ........ it.
convert cash exchange bounce right wrong
4. If the bank rejuects someones cheque, it has been -
converted cashed exchanged bounced right wrong
5. The crime of getting money by telling lies is called -
fraud embezzlement blackmail cheating right wrong
6. A paper that lets you use something cheaply or for free is called a -
cheque ticket voucher indemnity right wrong
7. Something extra (but not money) that you get from your work is called a -
pack peak perk park right wrong
8. If you receive something for less than the usual price, you receive a -
discount recount cashback payout right wrong
9. The things you use for doing something are collectively called the -
cat kit bits kids right wrong
10. An office or shop which is seperate from the main one is a -
twig root branch leaf right wrong
11. Something that can be given for someone else to use is -
replaceable passable recyclable transferable right wrong
12. When you say that you should be given something, this is a -
claim recall petition pestering right wrong
13. When you are given money to allow you to do your job, you have an ..... account.
credit paying in debit expense right wrong
14. If you get something extra (like more money), this is a -
bonus bargain betterment boon right wrong
15. Workers who lose their jobs because they are not needed any more receive a ........ payment.
job loss new start reclamation redundancy right wrong