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Word processing - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. An individual computer on a network is called a -
stand-alone workstation terminus desktop PC right wrong
2. Information that you work with is called -
bytes data news statistics right wrong
3. To work with your personal files on a computer, you must -
type in pass through log in enter right wrong
4. Your computer knows you by your -
user name avatar nickname given name right wrong
5. A set of programs designed to work together are a -
collection operating system menagerie suite right wrong
6. DTP stands for 'desk top ...... ' -
program protocol printing publishing right wrong
7. When you want to go to something on a computer, you ...... it.
approach amend abseil access right wrong
8. AUP stands for -
any usable program all useful parts acceptable use policy align up protocol right wrong
9. Something that is done for pleasure, not for work is called -
recreational free time leisurely down time right wrong
10. An internet that can only be seen inside an organisation is a/an -
office net intranet infranet in-house net right wrong
11. A place on the internet where you can leave messages is a -
mail room bulletin board letter web postage place right wrong
12. Moving around the internet is sometimes called -
cruising skiing sailing surfing right wrong
13. If you cannot enter your network, you have been -
stitched up pushed over forbidden in locked out right wrong
14. The most important computer on a network is the -
dealer distributor server file manager right wrong
15. What you can do on a network depends on your -
passport position posting privilege right wrong