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Confusing words - Reading

Confusing words

Look at the text below. You will see some words in blue which are often confused (even by native English speakers!). Decide which is the correct word to put into each of the spaces below, and write it in. Then click on answers to see if you were correct..

Personnel/Personal Department
Confidential: Report on employee ref. no #3017 - Jackie Wallace.


Jackie has been employed by the company for the last six months. The purpose of this revision/review is to examine how well she has fitted in to the office/official environment at Cotto Bros. With the present economic/economical conditions, it is important that all our staff are working to their full potential.

In terms of character, Jackie has shown keenness, and aptitude/attitude for her work. She has always been punctual, and has not yet taken any sick leave. She has a cheerful attitude/aptitude that has helped to keep up staff moral/morale.

Her work is good, though in accordance with company policy/politics it is important that she continues with her on-the-job training. Most of this can be done in-house, and her computer course is already under way.

At her six-monthly interview, I think we should complement/compliment her on her progress so far. The only area where she needs to improve is in paying attention to what is happening around her. There was a security/safety scare last week when the fire alarms went off, and she didn't notice!


1.     Personnel    Personal    

2.     revision    review    

3.     office     official    

4.     economic     economical   

5.     aptitude     attitude   

6.     attitude     aptitude   

7.     moral     morale   

8.     policy     politics   

9.     complement     compliment   

10.     security     safety