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Confusing words - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. The department in charge of the staff at a company is called -
impersonal personnel personality pensions right wrong
2. Something which should be kept private is -
duplicitous devious confident confidential right wrong
3. When you check your work again, this is called -
hindsight post-vision re-sighting reviewing right wrong
4. Studying something to see how good it is is to ...... it.
examine observe speculate overview right wrong
5. The things and people around you make up your -
atmosphere ambience society environment right wrong
6. What something is capable of doing is its -
pastime latency potential inability right wrong
7. How easy you find it to do something depends on your -
aptitude setting innovation feasibility right wrong
8. If you arrive on time, you are -
punctual punctured punctilious perfunctory right wrong
9. The way you feel or act toward something depends on your -
altitude attributes attitude aliments right wrong
10. Whether you feel something is right or wrong depends on your ..... sense.
mortal instinct inner moral right wrong
11. Things the company does for itself are done -
in-house externally officially logistically right wrong
12. If something has started, it is -
off way under way in the way all away right wrong
13. Something that goes with something else .... it.
compounds complements contains contrasts right wrong
14. A machine for pinning papers together is called a -
stapler pinball clipboard pinwheel right wrong
15. Pay for working extra hours is called pay for -
in time up-time overtime timeplus right wrong