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Job interviews - Functions

Look at these entries in the files of Sebastian's Employment Agency, and then at the Jobs Offered column in a local paper, and try to decide which person is best for each job. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

1. Jolene Buchanan; Age 22.    
Has just got her degree as Master of Business Studies. She wants to work for a large company with good career prospects, but she does not mind where it is. She is very ambitious, and wants a job that will be a challenge.

2. Jamie MacDonald; Age 44.    
Ex-sergeant in the army, he has now retired and is looking for a local job. He is an experienced and competent person, and he wants to work locally to be with his wife and family.

3. Darren Wright; Age 19.    
School leaver. Wants a job that will allow him to travel and meet people. Does not want a desk job or anything local. Has exam passes in Spanish, Maths and Biology.

4. Mike Cameron; Age 20.    
Wants to take a year out from his studies and do something interesting. He is training to be a doctor, but he wants to do something completely different. The salary is not important. He can start in September.

5. Jackie Wallace; Age 19.    
School leaver. Capable of using office software and of doing simple accounts. Wants a local job because her mother is ill and she wants to be near her. The job must offer training and work experience. Able to start at any time.



Positions Vacant

A. Rep wanted for travel company. We are looking for someone to escort holiday-makers on Mediterranean holidays. Training and a good salary given to the right person.

B. Volunteers wanted to help on an archaeological site in Turkey. Do you want to get away from the English winter? Starting this autumn we want people to assist our archaeological team. No salary, but travel and expenses are paid.

C. Caretaker wanted for Rhymington Primary to look after the premises of a large school and supervise its cleaners and gardeners. Generous salary and pension to the right candidate.

D. Person Friday wanted for busy office. If you have a cheerful helpful personality and want a job that will prepare you for a business career, why not come and see us? Right in the centre of town. Start immediately.

E. Trainee manager wanted for a local fashion boutique. The ideal candidate will have a relevant degree, and be prepared to work long hours if necessary. We are part of the InStyle fashion chain. Full training and generous salary.