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Job interviews - Reading

Jackie is being interviewed at an employment agency. Read Jackie's answers, and decide what the question was from the choices on the right. Check with "Answers" at the bottom of the page.

For example:   0. Interviewer:

The interview

1. Interviewer:

Jackie: Well, I don't have much because I have just left school, but I used to work in a record store during my school holidays. Oh yes, and I did some volunteer work for a charity, helping out in the office.

2. Interviewer:

Jackie: Oh yes, I am sure that they would be happy to. I enjoyed working at both places, and I am sure that they did not have any complaints about me.

3. Interviewer:

Jackie: Well, I have done quite well in my exams, but I don't want to go on to university. I did some secretarial training in the sixth form, and I can use most common software packages, including spreadsheets, and I can touch type. Oh yes, and I used to help doing the accounts at the charity, so I know a bit of book-keeping.

4. Interviewer:

Jackie: I don't know. I was hoping you could tell me what I am most suitable for. I guess something in an office. I'm not expecting to start at the top, but I would like to have a career in something like human resources eventually. But it has to be something local, because my mum is poorly, and I want to be able to see her in the evenings.

5. Interviewer:

Jackie: Well, your own opinion is never right, is it? But I think I am friendly and helpful. I'm sociable, I have lots of friends, and I am reliable. You know, if I say I'll do something, then I'll do it.

6. Interviewer:

Jackie: Since it's my first job, I'm not expecting too much. I mean, I need the experience, don't I? What I need is enough to cover my expenses, but what is more important for me is that I ger some skills, and that there is a chance for me to develop my career. I don't want to end up in a dead-end job - I want my life to be going somewhere.

7. Interviewer:

Jackie: Immediately. I have not got any plans. I've put this month aside for getting myself a job. I have to tell you that I have another interview this afternoon, but I would really prefer to work here, because it seems friendlier, and its better for the busses.

8. Interviewer:

Jackie: Yes sure, at any time. My number is on my CV, and if I am not in, my mum will probably be. If she has gone to hospital, then you can leave a message on the answerphone. Oh yes, you can also get me on my mobile. I always carry that on me. I'll look forward to hearing from you.


A. How would you describe your character?

B. Can we contact you at home?

C. So what work experience do you have?

D. What level of salary were you thinking of?

E. Can you tell me something about your qualifications?

F. Would they be able to supply us with references?

G. When would you be able to commence work?

H. What kind of job are you looking for?