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Reception and phone - Functions

You have answered the phone in the office. The person the caller wants is not there. Decide what replies you will give when the caller speaks to you. When you have finished click on 'Answers'

What do you say?

1. The phone rings.
a. "Hello, Cotto Bros. Can I help you?"   
b. "Cotto Bros, what do you want?"   
c. "Hello, how are you? I'm fine."    

2. Can I speak to Mr Jackson please?
a. "I am afraid he is unavailable. Can I take a message?"   
b. "He is not here right now, call back later."   
c. "No, you can't because he is in a meeting. I am afraid."   

3. Well, can I speak to Mr MacDonald then?
a. "Oh, all right then. If you want to you can."   
b. "I don't know. Is he in? Are you sure?"   
c. "I'm not sure if he is here either. I'll check."   

4. Can I leave a message for him then?
a. "All right. What is it?"   
b. "Of course, go ahead."   
c. "Well, you do not have to."   

5. I'll call back later, I think.
a. "Fine, suit yourself. That's okay with me."   
b. "Okay. Who are you anyway?"   
c. "Very well. Who shall I say called?"   

6. Or do you think Jim can call me?
a. "I don't know. Probably. What's your number?"   
b. "I think that would be fine. What is your number?"   
c. "Well, I haven't got your number, so I don't know."   

7. Thanks for your help.
a. "It's my pleasure. Thank you."   
b. "It's no big deal. I'm just doing my job."   
c. "And thank you for all your help too. Goodbye."