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Reception and phone - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. A person who is feeling unwell is feeling -
off-colour a bit blue in the dumps a cold shoulder right wrong
2. If you take someone's place you ........ for them.
work over stand in jump up fill up right wrong
3. Suggestions that you should follow are called -
instructions hints insinuations guidelines right wrong
4. If you have to start before everyone else you should be '.... and early'!
quick sharp bright alert right wrong
5. Keeping thieves out of the building is the job of -
reception health and safety management security right wrong
6. The public area of an office building is the -
lobby lounge waiting room pub area right wrong
7. The staff's phone numbers are in the -
private exchange internal directory pink pages black book right wrong
8. If you take a chance that something will be okay, you do it -
by accident with gambling on spec thinking wishfully right wrong
9. Spoken phone messages left on a computer are called -
e-voice speaking letters speak express voice mail right wrong
10. What does ID stand for? -
Internal directory Inside a day Indeed Identification right wrong
11. Letters that staff send and receive go through the -
mail room post box letter office stamp duty right wrong
12. To go out for a short time is to -
peek out poke out pop out peck out right wrong
13. Something that is not being looked after is -
unguarded unattended unintended unavailabler right wrong
14. If you take someone's place for a while, you ..... for them.
cover change replace impersonate right wrong
15. A quick friendly conversation is a -
gossip rumour dialogue chat right wrong