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Advertising strategy - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. The time when an advertisement will be shown is called its -
slot spacebar showtime segment right wrong
2. A short expression that identifies a particular person or thing is called a -
nom de plume acrostic paraphrase catchphrase right wrong
3. Something shared or used by most of the population is -
epidemic demagogic broadband mainstream right wrong
4. The time when most people are watching TV (from 8 -10pm) is called (the) -
rush hour up-tempo prime time dinner hours right wrong
5. If something stays out of view, it has a -
visibility issue low profile hidden agenda silent shadow right wrong
6. A short atvertisement (often at a particular time) is a -
spot quickie one-off advertorial right wrong
7. The number of people who might see an advertisement constitute the advertisement's -
view rating publicity exposure showing up right wrong
8. Dustbins, telephone boxes, bus stops, etc are collectively called -
road clutter pavement parts pedestrian usage street furniture right wrong
9. The man responsible for how the public regard a particular product is the -
dogsbody iconoclast brand manager logo producer right wrong
10. When every possible way to reach the public has been tried you have -
saturation coverage world exposure universal appeal blanket output right wrong
11. The amount of money allowed for something is the -
budget overhead quote tender right wrong
12. Newspapers that come out every day are called -
dailies tabloids broadsheet evening standards right wrong
13. Magazines with expensive paper and lots of pictures are called -
shinies cartoons glossies upper markets right wrong
14. New, high risk, unconventional sports (like hang-gliding) are called -
danger sports hazard games extreme sports power plays right wrong
15. The opposite of 'background' is -
near zone up front close-up foreground right wrong