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Assessment - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. Techniques for measuring marketing are called -
measures metrics memes mitres right wrong
2. Information that tells you how you are doing is called -
feedback telling off backchat results right wrong
3. If you accept an offer you 'take it ...'.
on over in up right wrong
4. Another word for 'continually measure' is -
tap trace track trail right wrong
5. When you get information from those most concerned it comes 'from the ...' -
horse's mouth duck's tail know men wise monkey right wrong
6. Something which does well for the money spent on it is -
cost effective money's worth a pretty penny downmarket right wrong
7. The standards that are used to measure things against are called -
scores benchmarks pitch hits mediums right wrong
8. The positive feelings of costomers toward a company is called -
hard feeling attraction sales appeal goodwill right wrong
9. The financial year is divided into -
fifths quarters thirds halves right wrong
10. When sales drop for a long time this is called a -
slide slalom slither slump right wrong
11. When sales jump forward suddenly this is a -
spring surge wave rocket right wrong
12. When there are no new customers left, the market is said to be -
full saturated sold out brought out right wrong
13. If you try to look at the future from what has happened before, you are looking for a -
trend past line time line graphologist right wrong
14. 'Substantial numbers' means that numbers are -
high low average unknown right wrong
15. A technique which you use to get an advantage over the opposition is a -
gimmick trick fiddle tactic right wrong