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Customer stages - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. Something which changes according to a pattern has -
imagery stages development morphism right wrong
2. To work hard to get someone to think positively of you is to ......... that person.
cultivate flatter snub praise right wrong
3. A person that you compete against is your -
enemy opposer counterpart rival right wrong
4. 'Top of the range' means -
very high the best very wide a favourite right wrong
5. People who do things just to impress others are -
recluses demonstrators poseurs impressionists right wrong
6. Something you get for free is a -
freebie feeble freedom gratis right wrong
7. Someone who sells the products of a particular manufacturer is a -
wholeseller merchant stockist warehouse right wrong
8. A small shop specialising in fashion clothing is a -
millenery boutique vendor kiosk right wrong
9. If someone 'pulls a fast one' they intend to -
cheat be first be early sell something right wrong
10. Someone who tries to make others agree with his opinion is a/an -
extrovert debater evangelist preacher right wrong
11. Someone who is wonderful without even trying could be described as -
juicy cool a dork hippy right wrong
12. The cloth inside a jacket is the -
incloth lining layering reverse right wrong
13. Something which is strong and long lasting is -
ragged permanent fleeting rugged right wrong
14. Something which is sold among the best of its kind is -
in market upmarket remarketed top market right wrong
15. Something with style and elegance is -
classy snobby gross clunky right wrong