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Sales - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. When less people want to buy a product, demand -
flops slackens nosedives lowers right wrong
2. When a product can be brought very cheaply because of price competition, this is a -
selling point spring sale market failure buyers' market right wrong
3. When a company is selling a lot of its product, sales are -
blowing bellowing booming blasting right wrong
4. When a company makes a particular effort to increase sales, this is a -
sales force hard sell sales drive soft sell right wrong
5. If a company is making less profit from each item it sells, it has -
a cash-flow crisis thinner margins petty cash steeper costs right wrong
6. The amount a company intends to sell over a certain period is its -
number objective unit cost target market sales target right wrong
7. When companies compete by selling their goods at unprofitable levels, this is a/an -
economic recession deep cut price war selling battle right wrong
8. If a salesman gets a percentage of the money from a sale, this is his -
commission bonus tip backhander right wrong
9. The methods that goods get from the factory to the consumer are -
retail outlets distribution channels goods outlets roads to market right wrong
10. If something is offered at a percentage of the original price, the difference is called the -
surcharge cut discount off-rate right wrong
11. If you pay cash immediately for what you buy, this is called 'cash on the ...'
ground nail point shoulder right wrong
12. The person who purchases goods for large retail firms is the -
bagman vendor shopper buyer right wrong
13. Getting the customer to agree to buy something is called -
taking the bait wheel-dealing closing the sale shutting up shop right wrong
14. The people in a company who sell its products are the -
sales force public relations telesales cold callers right wrong
15. Something sold for less than it costs to make is sold -
for dumping below cost for love in loss right wrong