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Promotions - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. A special offer made to encourage customers is called a -
promotion discount sale publicity campaign right wrong
2. Knowing that something exists is called -
existentalism weltanschauung awareness comprehension right wrong
3. To help something go up, you can give it a -
boost plummet rising grow right wrong
4. A poster printed on cloth is called a -
tapestry tie and dye tableau banner right wrong
5. If something happens over a long period, it happens in the -
long time long run far time far run right wrong
6. What word means 'to reduce expense' -
escalate augment defray decline right wrong
7. Goods which are not still being made and won't be replaced when sold are -
out of stock end of line out of the way sold out right wrong
8. A popular North American drink rather like whisky is called -
bon - bon bourbon byegone brasso right wrong
9. Shooting a lot of missiles at something is called a -
bombardment missilage shoot-em-up explosion right wrong
10. Fridges, stoves, vacuum cleaners are all types of domestic -
replications applications appliances devices right wrong
11. Something very cheap can be brought for a -
whistle knock song kiss right wrong
12. A test where customers are asked which product they prefer when they can't see the name of the product they are trying is called a -
hidden test blind test no name test brandless test right wrong
13. If you try to get money from someone in court, you -
summons them sue them denounce them accuse them right wrong
14. When you start trying to find out about something, you are doing -
basic research early work wrap-up work scene investigation right wrong
15. Information from people in the place where you are selling your product is/are -
native words street cred the horses mouth local input right wrong