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A formal memo - Functions

Peter has met Magnus Blake in a bar where he usually goes at lunchtime. Look at their conversation, and answer the questions about it. When you have decided click on 'ANALYSIS'.

Magnus Blake: "Hello Peter, how's it going?"

Peter: "Oh, hello Mr Blake, fancy meeting you here."

Magnus Blake: "Yes, fancy."
(This reply is in a neutral voice.) Is it ...
a. Quite friendly.
b. Neutral
c. Slightly unfriendly

Peter: "er .. Can I get you a drink?"

Magnus Blake: "No, let me. Barman - Scotch for me, and .. what will it be, Peter?"
Is this answer correct?
a. Too rude
b. Neutral
c. Too friendly

Peter: "A half of lager, please."
Why has Peter selected this drink?

Magnus Blake: "So tell me, Peter, how are things going in your department. Everything ticking over ok?"

Peter: "Oh, everything is fine, I guess."

Magnus Blake: "What's bothering you?"
How does Mr Blake know something is wrong?

Peter: "Well, I wouldn't want to tell tales out of school it's nothing really."
Peter ...
a. Doesn't want to say anythning
b. Thinks it's nothing
c. Wants to be asked again

Magnus Blake: "Oh, come on man, out with it."

Peter: "Well, I don't really like to say, but the new boy, Ivan English, well, it's not really my job, but I do wonder, really, how well he's coping with building his new portfolio."

Magnus Blake: "Is he having problems?"

Peter: "Well, he comes to me and Sally for help all the time, so I suppose he must be. And when he makes a wrong decision, he's really arrogant about it. Just won't back down."

Magnus Blake: "Go on."

Peter: "I'm just wondering if he's really the right man for the job. I try to help him, since I have more experience, and I know the market better, but he won't listen. Still, I'm sure it will be ok."
What is Peter trying to tell Mr Blake?