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A formal memo - Vocabulary

The sentences below are followed by questions. There are four options for each question. Choose your answer and click it.

Questions 1-15.
1. When a person is given instructions how to do something, these instructions can be called a -
brief commandant telling-off direction right wrong
2. If you get involved to change the way things are going, you -
congregate roll up convene intervene right wrong
3. Another way to say "I want you to look at this" is to say -
I recommend I must demonstrate Can I exhibit myself? May I point out right wrong
4. If you put something in danger, you .......... it.
consider jeopardise augment curtail right wrong
5. The way the staff in a company work together depends on their ............ relationships.
mutual interpersonal involved propriety right wrong
6. "Diligent research" means research that has been done -
carelessly for someone else with a lot of effort for a long time right wrong
7.If you decide something without thinking much about it you can say that you took the decision -
reluctantly lightly desperately with a bubble right wrong
8. When a company puts a new idea into action, this is called an -
activity installation initiative overtaking right wrong
9. "To the same degree" means -
as much as hot as good opposite right wrong
10. If you are unsure and not happy about something, you have -
uninsurance dubiousness redoubt reservations right wrong
11. A word meaning "famous for something bad" is -
renowned odious notorious remarked right wrong
12. If all businesses in an economy are doing badly, there is a bad business -
feeling climate affair market right wrong
13. When you try to do something difficult that you do not understand, you are -
cracked up out of your depth in the bog over the moon right wrong
14. If you have a predilecetion for something, you -
avoid it lie about it forget it do it often right wrong
15. If there is a good reason for doing something, it can be called -
redeemable defensive inexplicable justifiable right wrong