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Newspaper article - Functions

Jake and Ivan are discussing a potential investment in a fast food chain. Ivan wants to get information without sounding too interested. Decide which of Ivan's replies will best do this. Click the correct answser. When you have finished click on 'ANALYSIS'.

1. Jake: "Hi Ivan - I've got some news for you."
a. "Hi Jake. How are you doing?"
b. "I don't need some news now"
c. "Really? What is it?"

2. Jake: "Want to know what Wuffyburgers are planning?"
a. "No, not really."
b. "Wuffyburgers - the fast food people?"
c. "Well, what are they doing?"

3. Jake: "They've just got a press release out - want to know what's in it?"
a. "Don't worry, I'll get the press release later."
b. "Mmmm Anything interesting?"
c. "Can you tell me?"

4. Jake: "They're going into China - a franchise operation."
a. "What a pity - I'm only looking at British companies."
b. "China eh? How big, and how expensive?"
c. "A franchise operation in China?"

5. Jake: "It's big - they're betting the company. They have made some sort of deal with the Chinese government, and they are planning to open twenty branches in major cities over the next five years."
a. "It sounds very risky to me."
b. "Twenty branches. I wonder which cities."
c. "Well, good luck to them, but I'm not interested."

6. Jake: "If it works, think of the profits."
a. "And think of the possible losses. But thanks for letting me know. Any developments with Xsolaris?"
b. "But it's risky - I need to see their exact plans. But thanks for the news."
c. "No, I'm not interested. Have you got any information about the British market?"